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operations visualization

N3N delivers transformative operations visualization solutions across leading enterprises, large organizations and smart cities on a global scale.

The world’s leading operations visualization platform

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Real-time operational intelligence that drives real world performance

N3N’s solutions are tried, tested, and proven in a wide range of industries and operational environments.

Higher education


Complete visibility and real-time actionable insights across complex manufacturing operations helps boost efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime.

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Higher Education

Blend and analyze data from a multitude of systems and sources to transform colleges and universities into thriving smart, secure campuses.

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Public Sector

Unify data from a multitude of departments and city operations to accelerate smart city innovations and build safer, more efficient communities.

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Effortlessly merge sensors, connected devices and retail systems with real-time video for extended insight into consumer trends, preferences, and behaviors.

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Transportation & Logistics

Consolidate mission-critical data to deliver real-time intelligence that fast-tracks productivity, profitability, and operational efficiencies of both fleets and facilities.

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Real-time actionable insights to adapt quickly to guest demands and optimize your operations to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

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N3N Partners with Global Innovators

N3N collaborates with global, best-in class companies to deliver innovative digital transformation and IoT solutions.

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