N3N Operations Command Center

We’re extending to partners and potential customers a standing invitation to schedule customer and partner meetings with us in our San Jose office to directly experience our groundbreaking Wizeye IoT data visualization platform in action.

During your visit, you will experience an immersive, live, IoT demonstration of our Wizeye Internet-of-Things “big board,” with a variety of IoT devices and sensors in a live smart office setting.

You’ll see our latest Wizeye software release in action, which supports virtually any video management system, includes ONVIF support, scales to display over one hundred live video streams on a single display – unique for a SaaS offering – and showcases our patented pan-and-zoom and video compression technologies.

You’ll also learn how our platform is being put to use in wide variety of IoT visualization and actualization solutions:

  • smart factory
  • smart city, smart building/campus
  • WiFi customer intelligence for retail and hospitality
  • service provider facilities management
  • ITSM and ITRM
  • connected car applications
  • and more.

Spend some time with us in our own operations center, and learn how the N3N platform can dramatically improve day-to-day operations, and see how industry leaders in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, service provider, higher education, the public sector, and enterprise IT are using it to profoundly transform their business.

The command center offers a unique see-hear-and-feel experience through a single big board display wall – the only one of its kind to combine all of these functions into a holistic, working, business operations centerpiece:

  • Physical security with situational awareness
  • Real-time insights
  • Digital signage
  • Facility monitoring and command actuation
  • Customer engagement
  • Contextual visualization

Schedule a meeting with us today, and file this post away in a handy place for future reference!