Delivering real-time remote monitoring & control of Distributed Control Systems for smart factories

The prominence of distributed control systems (DCS) across large and complex industrial manufacturing processes has led to more efficient ways of improving manufacturing process quality and plant efficiency. However, given the tendency of DCS systems to be operated under a closed network, sharing of DCS system screens and data remains extremely difficult. As a result, troubleshooting and resolving issues on the factory floor remotely remains nearly impossible – causing global manufacturers to spend millions each year sending technicians on-site to geographically distributed facilities in order to assess and resolve issues and resulting in long periods of manufacturing unplanned manufacturing downtime.

Leveraging N3N’s market-leading operations visualization platform and remote monitoring and control capabilities, Macnica – a global leader in supplying semiconductor, electronic components, network equipment, software products and services, and Kyowa EXEO – provider of engineering and system solutions worldwide have launched a joint solution that enables real-time remote monitoring and control of distributed control systems for smart factories.

The Remote Control & Visibility solution facilitates controlled sharing of DCS screens and data in real-time with remote offices – enabling rapid troubleshooting of problems with industrial systems operating in closed networks.

The solution enables remote operation of DCS, regardless of manufacturer, and without the need to update the existing DCS. By bringing together not only DCS screens and data, but also, real-time video feeds from multiple locations in a single view, manufacturers gain unprecedented control and visibility across systems and plant operations to boost operational efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime while cutting costs.

Already in use across Kyowa EXEO’s incineration facilities to centralize remote monitoring of closed industrial systems, the Remote Control & Visibility solution will be showcased in Macnica’s booth at the IOT/M2M Expo taking place in Tokyo, Japan from May 9- 11.

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