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Facilities & Operations Management

Design intelligent buildings and facilities by uniting sensors, equipment, and real-time video in a single view to optimize facilities maintenance, improve asset & resource utilization, manage energy consumption and more for heightened efficiency and cost savings.

The world’s leading operations visualization platform

Create smart buildings & facilities with N3N

Blend data from your existing devices, video management systems, sensors and more to gain powerful insights into your operations that you can use to optimize utilization of assets and resources across your facility while reducing costs.

N3N for Facilities & Operations Management

Achieving centralized global monitoring to achieve peak optimization for mission critical facilities

With N3N, Samsung gained a unified view of production data, global satellite maps, sensors and real-time feeds from over 3600 video sources to optimize facilities & operations management across plants in three different countries.

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Gain real-time insights to optimize facilities & operations management with N3N

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