Real-time detection of cruise ship man overboard (MOB) events with N3N


Man Overboard (MOB) events are a common occurrence in the cruise industry. Yet, few cruise ships in operation today have a system for real-time detection of man overboard events, which on average, occur 22 times per year. Typically, MOB events are reported by someone who happens to notice the fall or by a member of the person’s party who reports the person missing. However, because the survival rate of MOB events requires accurate and timely detection – a more accurate, efficient system is needed to detect MOB events, that goes beyond the camera and imaging systems currently deployed in cruise ships.

N3N’s real-time operations visualization platform seamlessly integrates and displays data from cameras, video management systems, sensors and video analytics, such as PureTech Systems‘ best of breed Man Overboard Detection System, in a single view to enable faster, more accurate detection and confirmation of MOB events with relevant insights and situational awareness to help cruise staff and first responders make smarter decisions and take immediate action. N3N’s device and vendor independent platform is agnostic to data source, location, format or protocol so you can connect data from anywhere to achieve unparalleled visibility into cruise ship operations for heightened guest safety.


Automatic detection of MOB events – leveraging the leading video analytics solution for MOB detection

Detection rates above industry benchmarks – over wide variations in sea state and weather conditions

Very low false alarm rate – enabled by high accuracy of video detection capabilities Instant video validation of event – enabling immediate action by cruise staff and first responders

Reporting of event latitude and longitude – provides first responders with location at sea data to shorten time to rescue

Fall origin guidance – improves situational awareness by showing the location of the ship where MOB event initiated

Contextual presentation of incident data to decision makers – right data to the right person at the right time in a single view

In-service installation – seamless integration into existing VMS and/or PSIM with full alarm database and playback capability

Integration with market-leading camera and video management systems – Axis, Milestone, Airship, Dahua, and more…

ISO PAS MOB compliant – with latest directives covering systems for man overboard detection




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