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N3N for Retail

Visualize all of your retail operations, gain real-time actionable insights and take action on workflows, processes and connected things to stay ahead of trends and deliver the personalized shopping experiences today’s retail customers expect.


The world’s leading operations visualization platform for retail

Launch connected retail solutions 10X faster with N3N

Today’s retailers are inundated with data. ERP, POS and CRM systems all contain valuable customer data, but often remain siloed. As retailers add new systems of customer engagement such as mobile apps, kiosks, cameras and sensors – consolidating this data into a single view to support situational decision making becomes increasingly complex.

N3N for Retail


Delivering streamlined facilities management and improving physical security for one of Korea’s largest shopping complexes

With a centralized command station delivering 300+ HD CCTV camera feeds, floor plans, and other operational data on a single pane of glass, Lotte Shopping Mall was able to gain real-time, actionable insights to quickly detect and respond to issues and elevate the customer experience while reducing bandwidth usage by 75%.

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