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Customer & Guest Engagement

Build a 360-degree customer view that seamlessly unites data from sensors, connected devices, video management systems and more to achieve deeper customer insights, speed innovation and deliver the exceptional experiences customers expect.

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Build a 360-degree customer view with N3N

Companies that invest in creating exceptional customer experiences will gain a competitive edge. With N3N, gain the deep customer insights you need to build customer loyalty, make employees more productive and grow revenues, while reducing costs.

N3N for Customer & Guest Engagement

Improving quality-of-experience for guests saves millions in annual lost revenue for one of the world’s largest cruise lines

With better insight into the quality of passenger and crewmember WiFi performance, through real-time monitoring of APs, network devices, applications and servers, Carnival was able to manage and improve the quality-of- experience for guests to reduce guest WiFi refunds by 10% – saving the company millions in annual lost revenue.

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Gain real-time insights to transform the customer experience with N3N

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