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N3N for Hospitality

Gain the real-time actionable insights you need to adapt quickly to guest demands, streamline management of facilities, operations or IT systems and boost physical security to deliver the ultimate guest experience.


The leading operations visualization platform for hospitality

Achieve a 360-view across your enterprise & deliver a world-class customer experience with N3N 

Property management system, POS, social media and loyalty program data all contain valuable insights into guest experience, but often remain siloed. As hotels, cruise lines, theme parks and casinos add new systems of guest engagement such as mobile apps, kiosks, cameras and sensors – consolidating relevant data into a single view to support situational decision making becomes increasingly complex.

N3N for Hospitality

Improving quality-of-experience for guests to save millions in annual lost revenue for one of the world’s largest cruise lines

With better insight into the quality of passenger and crew member WiFi performance, through real-time monitoring of APs, network devices, applications and servers, Carnival was able to manage and improve the quality-of-experience for guests to reduce guest WiFi refunds by 10% – saving the company millions in annual lost revenue.

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