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N3N for Public Sector

Unify data from a multitude of departments and city operations to gain unprecedented, real-time visibility into areas such as public safety, utilities, transportation and traffic to accelerate smart city innovations and build safer, more efficient communities.

N3N is the exclusive visualization solution partner for Cisco & AT&T Smart Cities

Launch smart city initiatives 10X faster with N3N

To enhance the lives of citizens and speed innovation, cities across the globe are investing in smart city projects. By uniting data from IoT sensors, video, social media and more within a single view that delivers real-time actionable insights & situational awareness– cities become safer, smarter and more efficient.

N3N for Smart Cities

Enabling real-time operations visualization for Miami-Dade County

N3N partnered with Cisco and AT&T to deliver the visualization solution for Miami-Dade County’s Smart Cities Operation Center– enabling real-time monitoring and visibility across city operations including public safety, utilities, transportation and traffic in one single view to improve efficiency of city operations and services.

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Accelerate smart city innovation with N3N

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