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N3N for Manufacturing

Accelerate Smart Factory initiatives with N3N. Gain complete visibility and control across complex manufacturing operations by uniting data from sensors, machines, SCADA and other traditionally closed systems in a single view with real-time actionable insights to reduce unplanned downtime and boost plant efficiency.


The leading operations visualization platform for manufacturing

Launch smart factory initiatives 10X faster with N3N

Gain visibility to the right data, in the right context and in real-time to support smarter decision making and improve efficiency to optimize plant operations.


N3N for Manufacturing

Hyundai optimizes global plant operations from one smart control room

By building a centralized smart control room uniting real-time video, sensor data and analytics from over 300 locations across its global factories, Hyundai was able to detect and prevent issues impacting plant safety and operations to reduce unplanned downtime, improve efficiency and achieve $1.4 million cost savings annually in physical plant security.

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Leverage real-time actionable insights for smarter plant operations with N3N

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