Partner Spotlight: Delivering innovative digital transformation and IoT solutions with Cisco


N3N has joined forces with best-in-class companies to create a powerful ecosystem that accelerates digital transformation and IoT solution innovation. Our partnership with Cisco, the worldwide technology leader, enables us to deliver transformative solutions across a variety of industries and the public sector. Through the seamless integration of our operations visualization technology with Cisco’s market-leading IoT, Collaboration, and Video products, we are delivering joint solutions that help leading enterprises and large organizations become safer, smarter and more efficient. Here are just a few examples of how we are working with Cisco to accelerate digital transformation across industries:

Helping smart cities run more efficiently

As Cisco’s exclusive operations visualization solution for smart cities, we help bring together data from a multitude of departments and city operations in a single view to gain unprecedented, real-time visibility into areas such as public safety, utilities, transportation, and traffic to accelerate smart city innovations and build safer, more efficient communities. N3N seamlessly integrates with Cisco Kinetic to create world-class command and control centers, with large-scale real-time video.

Designing the store of the future 

Together with Cisco, we help retailers gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior to architect the store of the future. We enable retailers to gain a comprehensive, real-time view of in-store operations with situational awareness tied to WiFi, video, POS, and other shopper data. Retailers gain insights into customer dwell time, store temperature fluctuations, IT issues impacting store operations, customer and staff movement and more to deliver a flawless customer experience.

Creating safer schools & campuses

Our solutions for school & campus safety integrate a multitude physical security systems and applications into a unified command center that enables real-time active shooter alerts to help schools more quickly detect and respond to events. Data sources can include facial recognition, WiFi analytics, relevant social media posts, live video feeds, data from sensors that monitor people density and most importantly, detection of gunshot noise, aggression and more. The solution enables security practitioners to receive instant alerts and communicate in real-time with law enforcement and first-responders to speed response time.

Our partnership with Cisco enables us to build scalable, industry solutions to market faster, together and bring more success to our customers now and in the future.